Mobile Web Design using jQuery Mobile

Web Design using Jquery Training Course

You get hands-on training working with basic through advanced techniques to get the most out of your experience. The course will teach students coding for mobile web design, beginning with HTML and advancing to jQuery. You will also learn basics to advanced CSS techniques to complete your mobile web design course.

Web Design using Jquery Training Course

What you’ll learn

Requirements for mobile webpages design

  • What is jQuery Mobile
  • Why jQM?

Pages and Dialogs

  • Understanding page structure
  • Multi-page templates
  • Navigation and page transitioning
  • Dialogs creation and behaviour
  • Theming pages

Configuring and Extending jQuery Mobile

  • Customizing default settings
  • Handling touch events
  • Handling scroll events
  • Handling Page-related Events
  • Using theme framework


  • HTML markup styling
  • Creating grid with buttons
  • Using nested collapsible blocks


  • Using navigation toolbars
  • Header bars
  • Footer bars
  • Navbars

Mobile Clicking

Buttons markup and icons
  • Theming buttons

  • Creating Forms

    • Using forms
    • Form structure and initialization
    • Input elements
    • Flip switches
    • Sliders and select menus

    JQM0051 - 廣東話 23 May enrol
    JQM0052 - 廣東話 23 May enrol
    JQM0061 - 廣東話 18 Jun enrol
    JQM0071 - 廣東話 16 Jul enrol
      Certificate in Webpage Design
      Diploma in Web Design for Mobile and Desktop Devices
      HTML & Javascript