Python for Data Analysis

This short is for those they want to learn using Python to analyse data within the shortest time. Why choosing Python? Python is versatile and supported by huge amount of libraries. It is also considered and used by a lot of companies. By comparing to Excel, users can benefit from its speed, ability to handle the data volume far exceeding the Excel’s limit, and save time without repeating the calculation over and over again when data get updated.

In the course, you will learn the essential features of Python and Pandas – Python’s library. You will be guided through a series of exercises from which you will know how to import, process, calculate data and export the results to different file formats.

You'll Learn

Python Essentials

  • Using Jupyter Notebook
  • Working with lists and dictionaries
  • Logical operations using if
  • Batch processing using for Loop
  • Defining your own functions
  • Python and python's packages installation
  • Importing and using python's libraries

Data Preparation and loading

  • Loading Excel and CSV files
  • Constructing series and dataFrames
  • Working with problematic data
  • Replacing Data
  • Remove duplications

Data Processing with Pandas

  • Viewing and selecting data
  • Masking data
  • Joining and merging dataframes
  • Data aggregation and group operations
  • DataFrames calculations
  • Sorting and ranking data
  • Exporting results to Excel or CSV files

PYA0051 - 廣東話 04 May enrol
PYA0052 - 廣東話 22 May enrol
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