Macintosh OS X training course outline by Computer Academy

The course stresses on Mac OS X, and teach users how to cope with the new system. During the class some new features are also introduced to user.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding Mac OS system folder
  • Fonts installation
  • System Preferences
  • Using and customizing tools bar
  • Software installation
  • Finder customizations
  • Window customizations
  • Dock customizations
  • System security under Mac OS X
  • Multi-users accounts management
  • Printer center
  • Network setup
  • Files sharing and connecting to other computers Web sharing with your Mac
    MAC2092 - 廣東話 27 Sep enrol
    MAC2102 - 廣東話 21 Oct enrol
    MAC2112 - 廣東話 11 Nov enrol
    MAC2113 - Eng 18 Nov enrol
    MAC2122 - 廣東話 01 Dec enrol