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Financial Accounting with Excel training course outline by Computer Academy

Everyday we are facing much competition from internal and external of a corporation. Who can maintain the quality and lower costing should be the winner. Due to use much manpower to handle data, it is difficult to keep lower costing

This course use Microsoft Excel features, which can help Accountant, Management people to store information of customers, products, account details, tracking of transaction, preparing purchasing order, sales invoice etc. So they can save their time and do it more accurate.

You can learn the features of Microsoft Excel step by step through different kind of examples. These can give you a clear picture of Excel.

What you’ll learn

How to setup customer database

  • How to setup product database
  • How to setup chart of account General entry
  • How to prepare sales invoice
  • How to prepare purchasing order
  • How to prepare trial balance
  • How to prepare profit & loss and balance sheet

Database setup

  • Database setup
  • Setup customer database system
  • Assign customer ID
  • Edit, search, and sorting of customer
  • Setup manufacturer database system
  • Setup products database

Account setup

  • Accounting setup
  • Chart of account
  • Double-entry system for assets and liabilities
  • The Asset of stock
  • Double entry system for expenses and revenues
  • The effect of profit or loss on capital
  • Setup General Journal
  • General Journal Entry
  • Editing General Journal item
  • The sales journal
  • The Purchases Journal

FEX0071 - 廣東話 09 Jul enrol
FEX0072 - 廣東話 30 Jul enrol
FEX0081 - 廣東話 17 Aug enrol
FEX0082 - 廣東話 26 Aug enrol
FEX0091 - 廣東話 15 Sep enrol
  Excel-formulas & functions
  Mastering Excel PivotTables and PivotCharts


  • Setup purchasing order
  • Setup sales invoice
  • Setup quotation
  • Trial Balance

Profit & Loss accounts and balance sheet

  • Setup Profit & Loss accounts
  • Setup Balance Sheet
  • Setup Monthly Balance
  • Protect your account system