Certificate Course in Python Programming

《Python程式設計證書課程》是一個全面的課程,涵蓋了Python程式設計的整個範譜,從基礎知識一直到進階主題。該課程強調實踐練習,讓學習者獲得實際經驗並發展解決問題的能力。它涵蓋了Python的基本和核心功能,包括變量、數據類型、控制結構、函數、模塊和文件處理。此外,該課程還探討了面向對象編程 Object-oriented Programming (OOP)、網頁抓取和正則表達式 Regular expression 等高級概念。


You'll Learn

Module One

Intalling Python

  • Python on OS X
  • Python on Windows

Working with variables and data

  • Naming and using variables
  • Numbers, strings and boolean
  • Stripping whitespaces
  • Concatenating strings
  • Stripping whitespaces
  • Tabs and newlines
  • Integers and floats
  • Writing comments
  • Strings manipulation

Working with Lists and Tuples

  • Accessing Elements in a List
  • Working with Elements (appending, adding, sorting, deleting )
  • For Loop
  • Looping through an entire list
  • Slicing and looping through a slice
  • Copying a list
  • Organizing a list
  • List comprehension
  • Vertical summation
  • Defining a tuple
  • Tuples and Lists conversion
  • Looping through a Tuple

If and Conditional Statements

  • Various conditional tests ( equality and inequality checking )
  • Conditional testing on a list
  • Boolean Expressions
  • if-else , if-elif-else
  • Using if statement with multiple lists
  • Nesting Blocks
  • While Loop using a list
  • While Loop using a flag
  • Flow control with break statement
  • Flow control with continue statement


  • Accessing values in a Dictionary
  • Adding new key-value pairs
  • Looping through all key-value pairs
  • Looping through all values in a dictionary

Getting user Input

  • Using input() function
  • Handling numberical input

Working with Modules

  • Storing functions in a module file
  • Importing an entire module
  • Importing individual functions

CPY3121 - 廣東話 11 Dec enrol
CPY3123 - 廣東話 18 Dec enrol
CPY4011 - Eng 09 Jan enrol
CPY4012 - 廣東話 15 Jan enrol
CPY4021 - 廣東話 07 Feb enrol
  Python Programming
  Beginning Data Science with Python
  Python for Data Analysis
  Stock Trading Analysis with Python
  Excel VBA
  SQL for Data Analysis
  Stock Trading Analysis with Python


  • Defining a function
  • Arguments and parameters
  • Working with positional arguments
  • Working with keyword arguments
  • Setting arguments' default values
  • Returning result from a function

Using Python's standard modules

  • Math module
  • Datetime module
  • Random module
  • OS module

Working with files

  • Reading data from a txt or csv files
  • Merging and working data from a file
  • Writing to a file

Errors handling

  • Handling error using Exception
  • The try-except blocks
  • The else block
  • Displaying errors messages

Module Two

Object-Oriented Programming

  • Creating and using a class
  • Working with classes and instances
  • Setting a default attribute value and modify attribute values
  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation
  • Publc Member
  • Private member
  • Protected member

Inheritance and Polymorphism

  • Getter and Setter
  • Overriding methods from the parent class
  • Polymorphism in class methods
  • Polymorphism with functions and objects
  • Method Overloading
  • Multilevel inheritance
  • Multiple inheritance
  • Importing classes

Regular Expressions

  • Creating regex objects
  • Matching regex objects
  • Regular expressions matching
  • Grouping with parentheses
  • Matching multiple groups
  • Matching pattern using the star, the plus, curly brackts
  • Using wildcard, question mark, caret and dollar sign characters
  • The findall() method

Module Three

Web scrapping with Python

  • Introduction to HTML and CSS
  • Installing Requests and Beautiful Soup
  • Making a Get Request
  • Download HTML pages using Requests
  • Downloading images using Requests
  • Inserting Headers and Cookies using Requests
  • Working with forms and post requests
  • Parsing a web page with BeautifulSoup
  • Searching tags by class and ID
  • Searching items using CSS Selectors
  • Looping and extracting information
  • Processing the extracted data
  • Outputting the result to a file