Certificate course in Microsoft Powerpoint

Certificate PowerPoint Training Course

During this Certificate course in Microsoft PowerPoint, you will gain a deep understanding of PowerPoint's features and functionalities, enabling you to create visually stunning presentations that effectively convey your message. You will learn how to craft compelling slides, design custom templates, incorporate multimedia elements, and utilize advanced animation and transition effects to engage your audience. Our experienced instructors will guide you through practical exercises, allowing you to apply your newfound knowledge and build a portfolio of impressive presentations.

By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the skills to deliver impactful presentations that captivate, inform, and inspire. Whether you're a student, a professional, or someone simply interested in mastering this powerful tool, our course will take your PowerPoint skills to the next level.

Certificate PowerPoint Training Course

What you’ll learn

Part One: Powerpoint

Beyond the basic

  • Setting up a presentation
  • Slide Setup
  • Save the settings

Quick Browse of PowerPoint

  • Switching views
  • Outline view
  • Slide view
  • Note view
  • Slide sorter

Outline view

  • Moving up/down a level
  • Importing text from other word processor
  • Collapse and Expand points
  • To delete a slide
  • To create a new slide
  • Toolbar in Outline View

Slide View

  • Transition Effects
  • Build Effects
  • Setting your timing to playback the slides

Handling Text

  • Font Attributes
  • Aligning Text
  • Adding or Deleting Bulet

Using Slide Master

  • Control the slide title format
  • Control the text format
  • Inserting the company information (eg. company logo, name, etc)

Drawing features

  • Static objects
  • Adding shadow
  • Shading the Background
  • Changing the Fill Colour
  • Drawing Technique
  • Selecting objects
  • Resize an object
  • Adding a shadow
  • Filling objects
  • Inserting Graphic
  • Send to Back / Bring to Front
  • Aligning objects
  • Moving objects
  • Deleting objects

Notes Pages

  • Preparing notes pages
  • Notes Master Format
  • To format the notes
  • Adding date, page number and time

Printing your slide

  • Slide show
  • Setup slide show
  • Loop continuously
  • Rehearse timing

Part Two: Advanced Powerpoint

Using Microsoft Graph

  • Creating a chart
  • Changing chart type
  • Formatting data
  • Adding title text to a chart
  • Adding data label
  • Adding arrow
  • Resize arrow
  • Gridlines
  • Changing the 3D views

Using Organisation Chart

  • Creating Organisation chart on an existing slide
  • Naming the Chart
  • Adding subordinates to the organisation chart
  • Fill the pattern and line color to the chart

Animation effects

  • Using and applying the predefined effects
  • Animating bar or column chart
  • Animating bullet point text
  • Animating organization charts

Action Buttons

  • Using action buttons
  • Create navigation menu using action buttons
  • Control and jump the presentation sequences

More text effects

  • Using the Word Art to create 3D text, shadow text, banner, etc
  • Using the Equations Editor to create any mathematics equation

Adding multimedia effects into your presentations

  • Inserting a background music
  • Inserting different multimedia files ( music files or movie files)
  • Tips on using multimedia files

Creating company presentation templates

  • Using the template files
  • Creating company template files
  • Creating master templates, master title styles or text styles
  • Template background creation ( inserting graphic or using pattern)

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