Access VBA Training Course

The Access VBA Programming training course will help users to tap the power of Access, the extent of its power can only be realized when it comes its ability to automate and link various parts of the data, and saving users hours of time in preparing their reports. That explains why serious Access users want to use VBA to speed up the whole operations.

Our Access VBA programming class gives you hands-on practice in programming Access, you will able to embed business logics into codes to create specialized applications that present your users with intuitive, form-based interfaces.

What you’ll learn

Access VBA Programming Basics

  • Getting help in VBA
  • Create a subroutine
  • Create a function
  • Declare a variable
  • Create a constant
  • Comment your code
  • Objects, Properties and Methods 
  • Collections and Objects 
  • Using Exclamation Marks, Dots & Brackets

The VB code editor

  • Using Project Explorer
  • Creating modules
  • Using Immediate Window

Working with Access Objects

  • What is an object in VBA
  • Objects Properties
  • Objects Properties
  • AccessObject Object
  • Using an Object Variable
  • The Me Property
  • Application Objects
  • Assign Values to Variables

Loops and conditions

  • Simple IF conditions
  • Multiple IF and SELECT … CASE
  • While Loop
  • Execute tasks a specific number of times
  • Using the For Each Next Loop
  • Jump to a specific location in a Macro

Looping over collections

  • Object variables
  • Looping over collections

Using built-in functions and statements

  • Using the MsgBox function
  • Using the InputBox function
  • Create and using custom functions

Working with Data Object Model

  • Understanding DAO and ADO 
  • ADO Object Model 
  • Working with RecordSets 
  • Creating a RecordSet 
  • Close the RecordSet 
  • Finding Specific Records
  • RecordSet Boundaries
  • Moving through a RecordSet
  • Filtering a RecordSet
  • Editing Data in a RecordSet 
  • Adding a New Record 
  • Deleting Records

Error Handling Techniques

  • On Error statement
  • Resuming after an error
  • Identifying specific errors

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