Beginning Data Science with Python

The Beginning Data Science with Python course is the continuation of our Python Programming course. It is an ideal course for people involving data analytics or having interest in the subject of Data Science. After finishing the course, students will know how to tweaking data from CSV files, Excel and SQL database and be able to process N-dimension data using numPy and Pandas modules.

The course is good for data analysts, data science or finance students or people they are interested in data analytics.

You'll Learn

Working with CSV files

  • Creating reader objects
  • Reading data from CSV files
  • The delimiter and lineterminator keyword arguments
  • Loop through Each CSV File
  • Writing data to CSV files


  • Introduction to SQLite
  • Quick review of SQL
  • Creating a database with SQLite3
  • Creating, retrieving, updating and deleting records
  • Creating a database object

NumPy Basics

  • Array Creation - N-dimensions
  • Printing Arrays
  • Numpy DataTypes and conversion
  • numpy.ndarray methods
  • Basic arrays elementwise operations
  • Matrix product using dot function
  • Universal functions
  • Indexing, slicing and iterating
  • Shape manipulation
  • Copies and views
  • Data Processing Using Arrays

PYD7121 - 廣東話 23 Dec enrol
  Access SQL
  Excel Dashboards and Reports
  Excel VBA
  Python Programming

Working with Pandas

  • Introduction to Data Structures
  • Series / DataFrame / Index Objects
  • Viewing and selecting data
  • Statistical and histogramming operations
  • String methods
  • Concatenating / joining / appending data
  • Arithmetic methods
  • Operations between DataFrame and Series
  • Function application and mapping
  • Sorting and Ranking
  • Doing common Excel tasks in Pandas
  • Doing Pivot Table in Pandas